Needs some advice on getting an edge on your FFXIV game?

Well, I’ve got tips for you! Here are some quick tips that you probably didn’t know and can apply to your game right now!

FFXIV: “Pro” tips for not so “Pro” players

1. Read your tooltips: Tooltips are essential when navigating across all aspects of the game. Even the more experienced players can benefit from tooltips. Especially when you get new abilities. This is simply a difference between clearing a dungeon or continuously wiping. If you don’t read your tool tips you may miss a bunch of information about your abilities and waste your potential. Countless times healers fail at their job because they aren’t using their abilities as they should just because they don’t know their abilities well enough. Tooltips will cover you in all aspects from this.



2. Double pull mobs: when tanking Dungeons, you can almost always double pull the mobs. The way you act for three mobs versus six mobs is no different and it’ll make the dungeon go much faster and you’ll get all the commends. Now some of you may be afraid of tanking and that’s okay, but keep in mind that all of us will end up tanking at some point regardless of the job that we are playing. Overall, I think a lot of people put tanking up on a pedestal and are afraid of it. Still, in reality, the other tanks don’t want you to know that they have no idea what they’re doing either. If you are looking to buff up your gear in those challenging mob situations, try getting a head start and buy a package from SSEGold. You will get everything you need to be ahead in your game, including: FF14 Gil, items, class packages, power leveling, etc.

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3. Everyone should do damage: Everyone’s job is to DPS and always has been. Every little bit of damage helps make the fight go by faster and can even skip the mechanics that may have been too difficult to deal with. Yes, healers should DPS when they are comfortable in doing so. Everybody takes time to learn their role, so be understanding of new players. Remember, a healer’s main job is to heal, but every bit of damage you help contribute will make it, so you need to heal less, the enemies cannot hurt the tank if they are dead.

4. The meta doesn’t matter: Don’t let anybody tell you not to play a job because it’s terrible. Every job can do every piece of content in the game. Play what you find to be the most fun, and you’ll naturally get better at the job.

5. Push Buttons: This may sound silly, but you need always to be pushing your buttons. The single most common thing that will improve your performance in this tip is you should never ever! ever! ever! be doing nothing. This is almost so important that you could even press the entirely wrong buttons, and as long as you keep your GCD (global cool downs) rolling, you could still do better than the other guy.

FFXIV: “Pro” tips for not so “Pro” players