Screen recording programs are essential at present for all Internet users. With the spread of distance education, students are required to record the computer screen, hand over the videos to their teachers and give them grades on this basis.

How to Record Computer Screen Online with RecordCast

And not just students, but there are online educational content creators and people who own educational channels or game channels on Twitch and YouTube without an online computer screen recording program. RecordCast screen recorder would be a great fit.

In today’s article, we will provide you this website for an online computer screen recorder, which works professionally and without the need for storage space on your computer for installation.

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How to record computer screen online using RecordCast

  1. You must log in to the RecordCast website. Registration is not a must.
  2. On the homepage of the website, you will find the Start Recording button. Click on it to record your video.
  3. A window will appear after clicking on the button and ask you to choose the mode (record webcam, or screen, or both at the same time) you want to photograph and record the sound from, for example (recording from the microphone or from the computer system audio or without sound). After choosing the options, press the red button.
  4. You can choose between recording from a specific program in the next window if you do not want the rest of the desktop to appear, or imaging the entire desktop, or recording an open tab in the browser. After completion, click on share and record the video clip.
  5. After completing the online screen recording, press the red stop recording button again. And the site will give you two options to polish the video before downloading or downloading the video directly.
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Is it paid?

  • The use of the RecordCast tool is completely free. You do not need to make a payment at any time, neither to record on it nor to download your own recorder recordings.
  • You have the option of editing the computer recording if you prefer your recordings to be more organized. It also a free and practical option.

Features of RecordCast program

  1. As we have seen, the best way to use the sites for RecordCast is that you complete the registration process with just a few mouse clicks. But the real advantage of the site is that it is completely free and does not try to sell any product, and there is no watermark with the ability to download a video with very high quality.
  2. In addition to the options that help you record easily, the visitor allows you to record it only for free, and it provides a process of cropping and editing parts of the video through the video editing program to get the look that you want to be exposed only.
  3. And our favorite feature is the editing feature attached to it, which means that this website allows you to download a screencast and edit the complete video clips on the same website. What’s more, the website is developed and updated every constantly.
  4. The program also contains a lot of characteristics and features, where you can put audio effects and zoom in on some clips, add elements, etc. Also, you can save your video with a resolution of up to 1080 Blu-ray or upload the video to YouTube.
  5. You can record video clips, save the project under your account and return to them later to edit the. It is considered a very distinctive tool and does not consume much computer resources during work, and there are no restrictions when using all the features.
  6. The program is a free source on the Internet and supports all operating systems such as Windows in addition to Linux and Mac.
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In brief

There is a lot of screen recording programs. However, they are different in the method of use or the degree of complexity in recording the computer screen. Some of them are often paid or with website logo watermarks on the colors of the output videos with a free version. However, RecordCast is the perfect option free, with no watermarks, no ads, no downloads and installations.