New World! Amazon’s newest MMORPG that’s turning the heads of gamers everywhere! New World is literally so new that, however, a lot of people don’t know what it’s all about.

New World takes place in the mystical world of Aeturnum, with you being part of the most recent group of explorers on the island, you will face all the dangers that the island holds while discovering eerie secrets from its past.

Immersed in an action-style combat with a high skill cap, you will level up your character through a “classless” progression system, engage in exciting PvP, go on expeditions, overthrow the “corrupted”, and more!

What is New World Coins?

Just think about currencies in the real world: the Pound, Dollar, Rupee; just like them, coins in the New World acts like Aeturnum’s currency, and just like with any currency, it goes on to form the economy of Aeturnum. To function as an active member of the economy, you need to use your own in-game gold.

The New World coins is used in the same manner that you would use money in the real world: for buying and selling goods and services. With the abundance of gold, your quality of life in the game goes up drastically. What people grind for hours to get, you can get with the click of a button.

Players grind dungeons to get rare drops like weapons and armour as loot. If you possess enough coins, you can just buy the same gear off the market. Players will gather materials to craft various consumables and gear, putting in hours of effort. And again, you can buy the same things with no effort with the right amount of NW coins!

You see now why gold is so essential in the world of Aeturnum? When you think about it, it’s no different than real life; the world runs on money!

Best Ways to Make New World Coins

So now you know exactly how important coins is in New World, so we’re going to tell you the best ways to get New World coin, so that you can live the virtual life you deserve!

Selling Your Loot

You are naturally going to encounter countless enemies when you go about the world completing quests and clearing dungeons. When you kill these enemies, you can collect the loot that these enemies drop and sell them to vendors, which will give you a net profit!

Enemies can also drop items such as armor and weapons that you have been looking for, and instead of wasting your money by buying them, you can equip them right away!


Probably the most straightforward way of earning some New World gold, with every quest you complete netting you a certain amount of coins, along with a bunch of experience points.

While you can take up questing as a secondary means of earning NW coin, we do not suggest that you use this method as you main source of getting gold, simply because the coins you earn isn’t much and you would need to spend a lot of time questing before you actually earn a sizeable amount of coins/gold.


New World is filled with various gathering nodes, which allow you to gather resources like lumber, steel, stone, and more expensive materials which you can sell to other players

Remember that before you start your quest for gathering resources, you make sure to find out which resources are in demand so that you don’t waste any precious time with gathering resources that no one wants.

Gathering rare resources will also be beneficial to you as they generally are the more expensive ones and stacks of these resources will quickly add on to your gold.

Buy New World Coins

There’s no reason to not spend a little bit of that extra cash lying around if it’s through a completely safe and secure method.

No one is forcing you to slog your butt off day in and day out in-game. If grinding for your gold is something you want to do then more power to you! But there’s no denying the endless benefits of buying coins.

How to Buy New World Coins?

There is no way to buy in-game gold through New World itself. Since everything about the game is monitored as well, there is a high possibility that you will get banned if caught discussing about selling/buying gold, or indulging in it. This is why the trading of gold is only done through third-party portals.

The third-party portals are in-game gold selling companies which function through websites that trade you in-game gold for a certain amount of real money. And one of the most trusted and 100% legit online gold selling companies happens to be our very own SSE Gold.

Why SSEGold is the Best Place for YOU to Buy New World Coins!

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And that is why SSEGold has proven to be the choice of hundreds of thousands of gamers when it comes to buying in-game gold.

So what are YOU waiting for? Buy New World Coins at today!

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