Pokémon Sword and Shield could become the first games in the main Pokémon series to feature autosave functionality, something that could interfere with the way some play the game.

In the latest trailer, featured on Nintendo Direct last week, fans saw the phrase “Now Saving” in the upper right corner of the image – at 25 seconds in the video below. This suggests that the game will have autosave.

This may simply be a brief notification that appears on the screen after the player manually saves the progress, but taking into account that it appears at a time when the main character is entering a building, it suggests the presence of the autosave feature when you do something that activates the functionality.

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Since the first game in the main series, Pokémon games only feature a save space, a way to have a greater impact on the choice of your initial Pokémon – if you want to try another one, you will have to delete the current save or purchase the other available version.

The most dedicated players like to have absolute control over where and when they save their progress, especially as they will have to restart the save dozens or hundreds of times while trying to catch a rare or even legendary Pokémon. Whoever tries to obtain the best possible version of a creature, will spend hours loading a save to try again and the autosave functionality could be of serious implications.

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Some hard-to-find Pokémon may not even give you a second chance to try, something that an autosave could make frustrating, but at the moment this feature has not yet been confirmed and may even be a kind of hybrid system.

It may be a system with autosave, saved separately from your manual save, allowing you to maintain the same control over your progress. It could also be a way to protect those who let the Switch’s battery run out while playing and lose some of the progress.